Chair’s Message

 | Post date: 2020/02/10 | 

  With great pleasure, I welcome you to Amirkabir University of Technology, Faculty of Petroleum Engineering.

It is of significant importance that we, as a nation, achieve the highest peaks of scientific and technological advancements to ensure that our country is a substantial contributor in resolving the increasingly complex problems that we face today on both domestic and international fronts.
Without a doubt, the most critical factor in achieving maximum levels of scientific, cultural, and economic success is investing our efforts and resources to attain the best teaching and research methodologies to train our students and create the ideas that can change the world.
I assure you that I am committed to expanding our investment in research and development and improving our existing educational infrastructure to create an excellent teaching environment that prepares you as experts for the exciting fields of science and technology.  
I hope, with confidence in your talent and abilities and utilizing the best and latest educational tools, we can collectively focus on achieving our academic goals and contribute to the scientific advancements and technological self-sufficiency of our country.

Vahid Haddadi Asl

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