| Post date: 2020/02/15 | 
Today, more than ever, using computers and new computer techniques to solve various problems of human life, especially industrial problems, is essential and graduates in computer engineering play an important role in this field. Considering the importance of planning in the country and formulation of economic, social and cultural development programs, the Faculty of Computer Engineering has been developing a five-year program in line with the country's development policy and based on the needs of the society, the following outlines:
Increasing the capacity of the three majors of master degree, enhancing the academic and practical quality of the faculty by recruiting new faculty members, encouraging and defining independent research projects to address the country's technical needs, advancing knowledge boundaries, publishing scientific papers, and publishing scientific papers, and providing short-term applied-specialized computer-based courses in order to meet the needs of various industries and organizations.
Research Objectives and Activities:
Research-based activities of this faculty are carried out in the form of independent projects by faculty members, master and doctoral dissertations and contracts with industrial centers. These activities are planned to meet the country's scientific-research needs, advance the borders of knowledge, and enhance educational-scientific quality. In this regard, researches in the fields of information transfer, software systems, parallel processing, artificial intelligence, computer vision, static and dynamic image processing, speech processing, information security and encryption, pattern recognition, learning algorithms, data mining and robotics are more practicable.