Artificial Intelligent and Robotics Group

 | Post date: 2020/05/18 | 
The aim of the Master's program in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is to introduce students to design systems that can model and mimic human capabilities. These abilities include sight, natural language, speech, environmental perception, learning, and reasoning and inference. The program offered at this department provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with other subjects such as mathematics, biology and the humanities so they can participate in interdisciplinary science activities in these areas and take advantage of new methods of artificial intelligence in these areas.
Artificial Intelligence Faculty members:
 Dr. Reza Safabakhsh (Professor)
 Dr. Mohammad Rahmati (Professor)
 Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Homayounpour (Professor)
 Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Ebadzadeh (Professor)
 Dr. Maryam Amirmazghani (Associate Professor)
 Dr. Ahmad Nikabadi (Assistant Professor)
 Dr. Momtazi (Assistant Professor)
 Dr. Ehsan Naderfard (Assistant Professor)