Industrial Relations Center

 | Post date: 2020/06/15 | 

As one of the top faculties in the field of industrial relations, the Computer Engineering department has a very close and constructive relationship with industrial complexes & units parallel with its goals regarding turning the Amirkabir University of Technology into a 3rd generation university.
On one hand, the faculty members and its students have carried out numerous projects in the various fields of software systems design & implementation, hardware systems design & implementation, computer systems security, computer networks and artificial intelligence with various governmental & private organizations such as the Ministry of Communications, the Iranian Space Agency, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of The I.R. of Iran,  the Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, the Iranian Space Research Center, the Industrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran, IsIran Company, Iran Telecommunication Research Center, Iran Meteorological Organization, Students Welfare Fund, SaIran (Iran Electronics Industries) company, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, the Ministry of Industries & Mines and Tehran Municipality in the form of research & industrial contracts.
On the other hand, private companies have established their Research & Innovation Centers through agreements at the department of Computer Engineering. Currently, these companies include Tosan Smart Innovation Technology Development Company, Alibaba Travel Company and Kuknos Pars Information & Financial Technology Company. Every single one of these companies is conducting numerous research & industrial projects at their Research & Development Centers at the department of Computer Engineering in cooporation with the faculty members & students.