Kuknos R&D Innovation Center

 | Post date: 2020/06/16 | 
Kuknos Yekta Pars co. Knowledge-Based company is one of the largest and most active Iranian companies that offers its services on DLT platform (Blockchain). Peymon as a cryptocurrency (gold-backed), diamond tokens, Abpars token, Innovation token (innotoken), charity tokens, and etc. are some of the company's products.
According to the company's goals, Kuknos R&D Innovation Center was launched as the branch of research, technology and innovation in 2019; expanding and disseminating DLT technology, supporting and facilitating the commercialization of emerging startup products and services, cooperating in scientific and research projects.
Kuknos Innovation Center, by an agreement with the Department of Computer Science at Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT), is trying to cooperate with professors and students of this university so that it can use their help in developing this technology in the country. Among the joint programs between Kuknos Innovation Center and AUT, the following can be mentioned:
1. Joint training on the basics of distributed office-based technology (Blockchain)
2. Holding innovative events, competitions and challenges related to the blockchain field
3. Support for academic research and related dissertations
4. Accelerate and allocate shared work space to student startups