Chamrosh Startup

 | Post date: 2020/07/4 | 
🔸 The Report of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) from Chamrosh Startup
IRIB News filmed a report on Chamrosh Startup on Monday, June 22, 2020, at the faculty of Computer Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology.
🔺 Public Relations of AUT reported, Amirhossein Roshanzamir, an MSc graduate of Information Technology Engineering and Artificial Intelligence from the faculty of computer engineering is the founder and CEO of Chamrosh Startup. He said: Our goal in this team is to use digital technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and image processing, to store, reinforce and verify the authenticity of Persian hand-woven carpets. Then the members of the Chamrosh team including Mohammad Khakbazan a member of the steering committee, Soroush Ziaeinejad, the technical manager and Hamid Esmaili the operations manager of Chamrosh responded to the IRIB News questions.
🔹 It is worth mentioning that Dr. Mohammad Rahmati, Dr. Mehdi Shajari, Amir Hossein Roshanzamir, and Soroush Ziaeinejad are the researchers of this project in the Department of Computer Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology.